About Us

Shareconomy is the ultimate digital platform that connects industrial capacity owners with potential capacity seekers. It is envisioned and developed by a team of passionate and seasoned entrepreneurs having vast experience in varied fields.

This extraordinary platform is a result of our systematic approach towards understanding the gap in Capacity utilisation. It is because of our in depth surveys and interviews with industrialists and small & medium scale manufacturers that enabled us to sense the painful reality of underutilisation of their production units. On the other end of the business spectrum are the young entrepreneurs and a startup universe that has many creative ideas but barely any capital or opportunity to manufacture their products and participate in mainstream business. This was the core impetus that led to the era of Shareconomy.

Shareconomy simply breaks down the barriers among businesses by generating the best connections backed by expert guidance leading to practical solutions, range of opportunities and a whole new recognition to your business.

We are based primarily out of Mumbai with regional offices in Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Surat, Kolkata and Hyderabad. We also have aggressive plans on expanding internationally to Singapore, the UK and US.


To be a revolutionary & smarter platform where demands meet world’s industrial capacities, utilization goes to the fullest extent and growth thrives with new possibilities!


  • Take the concepts of 'Sharing' and 'Network Economy' to the industrial environment.
  • Remove barriers for capacities in reaching out to the prospects, alternately the business lead to find matching capacity.
  • Empower industries with transparent business information & intelligence.
  • Bring easiness in making regional, national & transnational industry alliances.
  • Make wheels of growth engine run to their fullest capacity & speed.